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Wheel Alignment from 1 off design

A small pot hole in the road can cause damage to cast wheels fitted to many motorcycles,with the use of mainly tubeless tyres it is essential that any buckling to the wheel rim is rectified to prevent any loss of tyre pressure and the detremental effects that can have on handling and safety.

1 Off design can in many cases repair the damge to the wheel rather than the costly alternative of replacement. Using 1 off designs specialist motoliner equipment it is possible to accurately realign the wheel rim.

If there is any damage to the paint finish of the wheel 1 off design can refinish that too!

The Ronometer was designed to make wheel alignment easier and more accurate. The majority of motorcycle wheels are out of line when the chain adjuster marks on the swingarm are lined up. Depending on which way the wheels are out of line, this can cause the bike to turn more quickly into a left or right hand corner. The Ronometer is two straight edges made from lightweight alloy square tube, that clamp to the rear tyre and run down to the front wheel. You can then see if the wheels are in line and adjust the chain adjuster blocks so that the gap at the front wheel is the same distance on both sides.




For a wheel alignment quote just give 1 Off design a call on: 01322 278 103 we can do it all.


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